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Newport Coast is an affluent community and a portion of the town of Newport Beach. The community is located in Orange County, California and is nestled in the San Joaquin Hills just above Crystal Cove State Park. The community was a separate city until its annexation into Newport Beach in 2001. It is both suburban and coastal offering the best of city and beach life. The community has twenty-seven uniquely individual neighborhoods, featuring guarded and gated, but unguarded smaller communities. It is nautical in nature with oceanfront access along with ocean breezes, ocean views, waterfront activities and so much more. It is a wealthy community, in fact, it is among the top 15% of wealthy communities in the U.S. It is a highly educated community where 73% of the adult population hold four-year degrees or higher, which is more than three times the national average. It is ethnically and racially diverse. The community has a global atmosphere and over 26% of all residents are foreign-born. English is the primary language followed by Persian, Chinese, Russian and various South Asian languages.

It was originally a master-planned community featuring everything from studio apartments to sprawling mansions and everything in between including single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes and more. Newport Coast was a separate city until its annexation into Newport Beach in 2001. Nearly half of the homes in the community were built from 1999 to present. It is popular which executives and urban sophisticates. The community has high rates of homeownership and a vacancy rate of about12%, meaning that there are plenty of homes to choose from and once residents move in they tend to stay.

The community spans 7.2 square miles of exclusively land area.  It has a decidedly white-collar workforce and job market. Over 18% of the workforce works from home via telecommuting and home-based businesses.  Most residents drive private vehicles for their daily commutes and the average commute for residents of Newport Coast is approximately 15-30 minutes. In 2015, the estimated median household income was over $200,000 and the per capita income was $136,345. In the same year, the estimated median house or condo value was over $1,000,000 and the mean price on all housing units was $721,252.

Public education in Newport Coast is provided primarily by two school districts, Newport-Mesa Unified School District and Laguna Beach Unified School District. Local public schools include Newport Coast Elementary, Ensign Intermediate School, Newport Harbor High School and others. Private schools in the area include the California Pacific Charter School, Carden Hall Incorporated, Sage Hill School, St. Matthews Montessori School, Newport Christian School and others. Nearby attractions include Newport Beach, downtown Newport Beach and a variety of beautiful parks and galleries. Homes for sale range from beach homes, single-family homes, and even mansions. Other real estate options include apartments, townhomes, condominiums and more. To begin your home search in sunny Newport Coast, call local real estate agents and experts Tom & Paula Pelton at 949-415-4285. Don't wait to find the place you can truly call home.

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