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Predicting Your Home’s Best Buyer

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Your Home’s best Buyer will pay much more for it than the worst Buyer. So how do you reach the most motivated and qualified Buyer who will pay the most?

You’ve seen the Traditional type of Real Estate Marketing in your mailbox and local magazines constantly. However, just listed postcards, mailers, magazine ads, and Listing Videos tend to only reach local homeowners… not potential Buyers.

It’s a lot of marketing money to reach the next Seller in the neighborhood. It never reaches the best Buyers who are now most likely coming from OUTSIDE the area and outside the United States.

Pelton Team is using new Technology to identify the best Buyers for a home. By accessing online Big Data sources with CBX technology, we are now able to identify the demographic of the Buyers who might pay the most AND where they might be coming from.

Big Data information is very expensive resource limited to major corporations. However, with the global resources of real estate giant, Coldwell Banker, Pelton Team is able to access in-depth market intelligence from the world’s largest Big Data providers.

The advantages of a CBX Report to the Homeowner are significant.

1.) The CBX Report, fed via big data, identifies who the ideal buyer is based on their demographic makeup.

CBx plays an essential role in helping us to develop WHO we will be marketing to. We are able to focus our marketing resources on the Best potential Buyers.. those who are more willing and able to pay the most for the home.

2.) It tells you the top three markets where the buyer is likely to come from and how to reach them.

CBx allows us to design a customized marketing plan to target these markets specifically. The report even shows us the media preferences of these Buyers so we can focus our marketing accordingly.

3) It helps you to price the home accurately and sell to the Buyer willing and able to pay the most.

Traditional real estate marketing reaches a very limited Buyer pool (the neighborhood and a few local papers and magazines) Today’s Global Market requires a global strategy and global resources that can create global Buyer demand. Without proper marketing, homes do eventually sell, but they sell below their value to a less than ideal Buyer.

Pelton Team offers a Complimentry CBx Report on any property. To request your CBx Report just complete the form below. Or email [email protected]

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